Internal Comms Radio

Your own radio show produced by an expert team


who are we?

212 are professional radio presenters and producers with years of experience working for the uk's biggest radio brands





Radio is a uniquely powerful means of engagement and communication. 


It does what Internal Comms and marketing bust a gut to do, without breaking a sweat. Radio creates a community, a sense of fun and a common purpose.


It’s more personal and direct than any other medium and it’ll work for your organisation.






We meet you.  You explain your message. and we design a radio show tailor-made for you.


We set up a radio studio in your workspace and record your show with as many of your team on the show as possible.


we edit, sound-mix, add music, jingles and sweepers, then upload the whole thing for broadcast.




our shows don’t sound like corporate messaging. they sound like the best of breakfast radio; punchy, hilarious and - most importantly - authentic.


They're entertaining, attention-grabbing and they communicate your strategy or mission.


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