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The workplace isn’t going back to how it was. The key to good leadership is now great communication with your remote teams.


212 Radio create podcast series and live radio broadcasts for exactly that purpose. We’re experts in employee engagement via audio.


We work with some of the UK’s largest companies, from utilities providers to high-street banks, creating content to inform, engage and connect their people.


But if you haven’t used audio as an internal comms channel before, you may not want to jump in and commission a weekly live radio show. So 212 Radio are offering a simple and cost effective package to create your first internal communications podcast. 


We’ll plan, then remotely record, edit, produce and present (if you don’t want to host yourselves) a series of 2 podcasts featuring interviews with your leadership team. These podcasts - which can be embedded in your intranet or distributed via social media or podcast directories - are a platform for the authentic, clear and personal comms which is so vital in the pandemic pandemonium.


The brainstorm-to-broadcast package costs £445.00 plus VAT.

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