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Radio or Podcast?

Radio or podcast series will connect you to your team in a way that no other communications channel can. Audio is a unique and extraordinarily powerful means of engagement.

Audio is also more accessible than any other channel. We listen in the car, the gym, the kitchen or outdoors, without ever interrupting our routine. Using audio for internal communications allows you to speak directly to your workforce or stakeholders, no matter how large or dispersed.


Video, email and social enterprise platforms dominate corporate communications. Each has value, but also significant limitations. Companies have been slow to harness the power of audio, despite podcasts booming and radio continuing to achieve huge success as a broadcast medium.

212 Radio produce live radio broadcasts as well as downloadable podcast series for corporations and organisations. The value of each can be quite different.




Podcasts are great. They're the most compelling and accessible channel to inform and communicate information your people. New systems, training and changes to processes can all be expressed perfectly via podcasts.


Live radio is all about authentic, honest communication and as such is completely unique. Live radio is truly interactive and is therefore a conversation with every one of your staff. It helps create an inclusive, open and sincere culture. It fosters a community, especially while we're all working remotely.



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